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Why Choose K-9 Inspections?

The road to complete bed bug elimination begins with proper identification of infested areas.  While adult bed bugs may be easier to identify fro humans, bed bug nymphs and eggs are very difficult to locate, especially in early or light infestations.  With an adept sense of smell, K-9 scent detection dogs possess the unique ability to detect bed bugs quickly and efficiently, with little disruption to your home, office or hotel room.

K-9 bed bug detection dogs use their keen sense of smell to detect the odor of live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs.  True Heat Solutions K-9 unit dogs are trained on a food/toy reward philosophy, similar to cadaver and police dogs.  This means that if the K-9 “alerts” (indicated bed bug presence by a specific action) it will be rewarded with a treat or try by our K-9 handler.  The areas where the K-9 “alerts” will be photographed and documented for further inspection by the handler.

A K-9 Inspection report will be generated and emailed over within 24 hours of the inspection.

Our handler will then focus on the physical evidence of bed bugs in order to develop a successful treatment strategy, with the intent to completely eradicate bed bugs where they are identified.

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Preparing for a K-9 Service

In order to have the K-9 inspection be the most effective we need your help to prepare

Please make sure you prepare your home prior to the inspection by doing the following: 

  • Please have inspection area clutter free. The canine team must have access to all baseboards, bed, and furniture.
  • Remove all open food as not to distract the dog
  • Remove all pet food, pet treats, pet toys and indoor litter boxes prior to our arrival so as not to distract the do during the inspection process. (These items can be placed in the restrooms)
  • Please do not use any type of household cleaners or disinfectants for at least three (3) hours prior to the inspection
  • Please turn off at least 30 minutes prior to our arrival all Heating Sources, Air Conditioning and fans
  • Please close all windows prior to our arrival
  • Please remove all ash trays and cigarette butts prior to our arrival and ensure No smoking has taken place a minimum of 3 hours prior to the inspection.
  • Remove all indoor deodorizers at least 1 day prior to the inspection (plug in’s, air fresheners, candles, incense, etc.)
  • If you have items that were taken on a recent vacation, such as luggage or suitcases, please have them available for inspection.

We CANNOT inspect homes where the following is present: 

  • dust (silica gel, diatomaceous earth, boric acid)
  • Chemical application from home owner or pest control professional within the last 21 days

During the inspection: 

We WILL ask that all people be out of the apartment so we are not distracting the dog.   In order to keep the dog focused we ask that no socialization should occur until after the inspection is completed.  Our handlers may refuse to inspect the area is any of these steps are not followed.

K-9 Inspections vs. Humans

People always ask… Why would I pay for a K-9 inspection when your technicians will inspect for FREE?

This is a good question.  While service technicians can be good at detecting heavy bed bug infestations, most will always miss when a light infestation of eggs and nymphs are present.  When a service technician fails to find an infestation in its infancy the probability of it spreading to other rooms, adjacent units in multifamily dwellings and hotels is most likely to occur.

Trained bed bug detection K-9’s have a unique sense of smell and training that allows them to detect bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults regardless if its one bug or a major infestation.

See below for the differences between a Pest Control Professional’s inspection and a Trained Bed Bug K-9 dog:

Pest Control Professional Inspection Trained Bed Bug K-9 Inspection
Accuracy in detecting adult bed bugs is approximately 40-60% Accuracy in detecting adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs is more than 90%
Inspection durations ranging from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the size of apartment unit or home Inspection of apartment units and/or homes ranges from 2-15 minutes
Disruptive to owner/tenants as dismantling of bed, moving furniture and peeling back carpet occurs. Minimal disruption to owners/occupants as moving of furniture is focused only to areas where the dog has alerted
Detection is limited to inspection in the visual and accessible locations only Detection has no limitations as K-9 can inspect areas where clutter is present, baseboards, inside upholstered surfaces, mattress seams, etc.
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